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Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LH-tool®
Certification: CTI
Model Number: LH-tool®LB108
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Sets
Packaging Details: Standard export packing
Delivery Time: 7~15 days after receipt the deposit
Payment Terms: T/T 50% Deposit and 50% B/L
Supply Ability: 50 Cubic Meters


Lh108AB ( adheresive A and B)


Each group: 2 kgs
Units: group
A agent sticky degree: 10000 ~ 15000 CPS
The view: the transparent liquid body
B agent sticky degree: 8000-10000 CPS
view: the transparent liquid body

Combined with than: A 1: B1 (weight ratio)
The Lord will use way:
Generation of wood adhesive, repair, infusion, metal, plastic, bonding
The Lord will especially long:
High strength, impact resistance, rich toughness
Operating for between when: 30 minutes (100 g 25 ℃)
Initial period hard occurs between: 1  hours
Pressure reducing strong degree: 280-300 (㎏ / ㎝ 2)
After the strong degree: 85 (㎏ / ㎝ 2)
Bend curved strong degree: 112 (㎏ / ㎝ 2)
Resistance to hot sex: 100 ℃
Hard degree: 80 (SHORED)
A, use methods:
1. Take A equivalent respectively A agent and A B agent mixture and stir well.
2. Will AB agent mixture evenly in the bonding surface.
3. Coat a glue stick receive items must be in at least one hour's ban on shift or move, otherwise you will seriously affect bonding effect.
4. A greased glue stick receive items must be at least 16 hours to normal use and do all kinds of test, or its curing effect and bonding life and test data can be affected.
Second, note:
1. A, B two agent shall be stored in the shade.
2. A, B two agent, such as A large number of mixed, can rapid curing, should be especially careful, allocate glue want right amount.
3. After the use, such as skin resin was bonded on it, should with soap cleaning.
4. Glue tools or containers.for that will cut short A agent service life

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